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Do you want to get your writing in front of classically feminine readers? 

Join a growing group of likeminded women sharing their experiences, research, and musings as a part of The Swish Collective!

Take a look at our guidelines and join the group by submitting your article pitch today.


Our magazine, The Swish, celebrates and explores classical femininity, aiming to inspire, educate, and engage readers with content that highlights timeless qualities of grace, elegance, strength, and wisdom in timeless womanhood. We honor the virtues and aesthetics of classical femininity through thoughtful articles, historical insights, personal stories, and practical advice.


Even if you've never formally written for a magazine before, go ahead and get started!

Tone and Style

Our content reflects a refined, knowledgeable, and respectful tone. Writers should aim for a voice that is:

  • Elegant: Use polished and sophisticated, let relatable, language.

  • Inspiring: Encourage and uplift readers with positive messages.

  • Thoughtful: Provide well-researched and insightful perspectives.

  • Respectful: Honor varied views on topics and differing opinions.

Target Audience

Our readers are individuals who appreciate classical femininity, ranging from young adults to mature women. They are interested in history, culture, fashion, personal development, and lifestyle topics that align with classical feminine ideals. They are looking to learn from others in the community and grow in femininity. 

Core Themes and Topics

  1. Historical Profiles and Influences:

    • Articles on historical figures who embody classical femininity.

    • Exploration of periods in history known for their distinct feminine ideals.

  2. Cultural Reflections:

    • Discussions on how different modern trends, old and new, embrace or reject the celebration of femininity.

    • Comparative studies of classical femininity across eras.

  3. Fashion and Beauty:

    • Timeless fashion tips and trends inspired by classical styles.

    • Beauty routines and products that enhance natural elegance.

  4. Personal Development:

    • Advice on cultivating virtues such as grace, poise, wisdom and a love of truth, goodness and beauty.

    • Stories and interviews with contemporary women who exemplify classical femininity.

  5. Lifestyle and Etiquette:

    • Guidance on maintaining a lifestyle that reflects classical feminine values.

    • Homesteading, motherhood, business, gardening, etc. 

Writing Guidelines

  1. Article Structure:

    • Start with an engaging introduction that hooks the reader.

    • Develop your main points with clear and concise paragraphs.

    • Conclude with a thought-provoking or inspiring ending. You are welcome to promote yourself and projects you are personally involved in as well at the end. 

  2. Research and Credibility:

    • Use reputable sources and cite them appropriately. 

    • Include historical facts, quotes, and anecdotes to enrich your content.

    • Insert your sources as hyperlinks in the relevant content. 

  3. Language and Grammar:

    • Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

    • Avoid slang and overly casual language.

    • Strive for clarity and elegance in your writing.

    • The Swish Editors reserve the right to re-write sections of your piece for accuracy after submission. 

  4. Length and Formatting:

    • Aim for 800-1200 words per article.

    • Use subheadings to organize content and improve readability.

    • Incorporate bullet points or numbered lists where appropriate.

Visual and Multimedia Guidelines

  • Images:

    • Use high-quality images that reflect the theme of classical femininity.

    • Include relevant captions and credit sources appropriately.

  • Videos and Graphics:

    • When incorporating videos or graphics, ensure they are professional and enhance the article’s message.

Submission Process

  1. Pitch Your Idea:

    • Submit a brief outline or pitch of your article idea to the editorial team for approval here or by clicking the button below. 

  2. Draft and Review:

    • The Swish team will review your submission. Once approved, write your draft and submit it by the agreed deadline.

    • Be open to feedback and revisions from the editorial team.

  3. Final Submission:

    • Ensure your article is polished, proofread, and adheres to the brand guidelines before final submission.

By adhering to these guidelines, writers will help maintain the magazine's high standards and contribute valuable content that celebrates the timeless qualities of classical femininity on The Swish. 



What is Classical Femininity? 


Classical femininity refers to a set of ideals and characteristics traditionally associated with women, often drawing inspiration from historical and cultural archetypes. It emphasizes qualities such as grace, elegance, poise, kindness, nurturing, and wisdom. These ideals have been shaped by various cultural, historical, and literary influences over time, especially the values exemplified in Classic Great Books. Here are some key aspects of classical femininity:


Key Characteristics

  1. Embracing Timeless Values

    • Exemplifying Classical lifestyles in every facet of life and having some fun along the way. ​

  2. Grace and Poise:

    • Demonstrating a respect of self and others in both movement and behavior.

    • Maintaining composure and self-control in various situations.

  3. Elegance:

    • Exhibiting taste in clothing, grooming, and personal style.

    • Embracing symmetry, subtraction, sustainability and seduction to be their best self. 

  4. Kindness and Compassion:

    • Showing empathy, understanding, and kindness towards others.

    • Nurturing relationships and fostering a supportive environment.

  5. Wisdom and Intelligence:

    • Valuing education and the pursuit of knowledge.

    • Offering insightful and thoughtful perspectives.

    • Exhibiting self-sufficiency and a curious spirit. 

  6. Dignity and Self-Respect:

    • Upholding high standards of personal integrity and self-worth

    • Acting with honor and maintaining a sense of personal dignity.

Historical and Cultural Influences

  1. Ancient Civilizations:

    • Greece and Rome: Emphasis on virtues such as modesty, loyalty, and the ability to manage a household efficiently.

    • China: Confucian ideals promoting filial piety, humility, and moral integrity.

  2. Renaissance and Enlightenment:

    • Idealization of women as muses and symbols of beauty and virtue.

    • Emphasis on intellectual and artistic accomplishments.

  3. Victorian Era:

    • Cultivation of domestic skills and a nurturing role within the family.

    • Adherence to strict social codes and moral conduct.

  4. 20th Century Icons:

    • Influences from fashion and film, highlighting glamorous yet poised figures like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

    • Rise of women like Princess Catherine, Kate Middleton, balancing traditional elegance with modern independence.

While rooted in historical ideals, classical femininity can be adapted to contemporary contexts, balancing traditional values with modern sensibilities. Today, it encompasses:

  1. Empowerment through Tradition:

    • Embracing classical virtues while pursuing personal and professional goals.

    • Resurrecting and embracing traditional gender roles balancing a personal and professional life. 

  2. Balancing Strength and Softness:

    • Integrating strength and resilience with gentleness and compassion.

    • Demonstrating that femininity is multifaceted and dynamic.

We look forward to reading your work!

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