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Who would you be if you had a secret weapon to unlock confidence, persuasion, and make an impact?

...Introducing Elegance!

Here we believe that many young women want something more than what modern culture feeds them…they want to “vive la difference” when it comes to celebrating their femininity in a tasteful way that is uniquely theirs.  They desire that dash of elegance that others appreciate without often knowing why.

You're probably wondering...
WHAT IS ELEGANCE? And why should I care?

Here we believe elegance is powerful, and the key to unlocking confidence, persuasion, and impact.
Elegance has nothing to do with wealth, success, or vanity. Rather, it is an approach to life that focuses on simplicity with four components; symmetry, seduction, subtraction and sustainability. 

Join me as I explore Elegance and uncover the power it has to help you stand in any room, impress anyone, and thrive in your calling. 


A Swish girl understands that, “You become what you think about all day long”, as Ralph Waldo Emerson wisely said.  By following along and exploring elegance, women equip themselves with information leading to results and ultimately to an elegant life uniquely reflecting their unique beauty within.
No more feeling overwhelmed by the constellation of choices out there in the big wide world.  Simply follow the Swish Spotlight and explore elegance with us.  Like the yellow brick road leading to the Emerald City in Oz, this path will aid in guiding you in your quest to redeem beauty in your life.

For the college freshman trying to decide what to wear to class other than jeans everyday…


The young professional wanting to write a beautiful thank you note but not sure if anyone will appreciate it…


Any young woman looking for a community that celebrates femininity and values...


A little attention goes a long way when cultivating elegance.  It is fun, easy, efficient and doesn't have to cost a fortune.  And it reaps dividends. 


A little twist here and a little twist there and you have put the relevance back in elegance!


P.S. If we haven't met yet, Hello!

I'm Hannah Owens Brusven, founder of The Swish Company. 

I started this page in 2017 as a place to share my personal exploration into elegance as I had a hard time articulating why I was drawn to it. Over the years I've met and interviewed amazing people, researched incredible stories and learned more than I thought I would. 


After a few years hiatus, I've brought back this site as a place of encouragement and direction for young women looking to carve out their own path that is elegant and influential. Women, now more than ever, should celebrate their femininity and stand up for Truth with their God given talents.


I look forward to sharing more stories, interviews, and research soon.


I'd love to connect with you and hear your story!



Personal Details

Newlywed based out of Eagle, ID USA. Met my husband in college, now we live in a townhouse and work hard so we can travel a lot.

Big fan of Audrey Hepburn, Candace Owens, Kate Middleton, Stilettos,  Covent Garden, antique shopping, a well written sales pitch, and the First Amendment

Always down for a glass of Prosecco and discussing theology, politics or something else controversial. 

If that sounds like you, I'd love for you to join us here at The Swish Company!

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